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 The Rules of the Forum MUST READ

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The Rules of the Forum MUST READ Empty
PostSubject: The Rules of the Forum MUST READ   The Rules of the Forum MUST READ I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2011 11:38 pm

Hello and Welcome to our forum. The rules are pretty simple.

Rules of the Forum


1.Treat everyone how you want to br treated. Respect their opinions, and don't accuse people of things you know nothing about.

2. Keep everything at an appropriate level (that means PG-13). Take anything inappropriate to private. (Getting to second base, ect.) You may kiss, but if things heat up, please take it to pm.

3. You may swear on this sight, but be curdious to others. If it is making someone uncomfortable, please stop.

4. Try your best to be literate. Roleplay posts must have a minimum of five sentences.

4. Do not spam, troll or flame. This includes cyber bullying. If you need to post twice, use the edit button. The chatbox is a friendly way to talk to people, don't abuse it.
* If we find out about cyber bullying, you will be banned from the chatbox.
* If you are trolling, you will be banned also.

5. We understand that at times life gets kind of hectic, but make an effort to be online! If you're never on, how will you get in on the fun of roleplaying?

6. Do not fight each other. If you feel the need to argue, please take it to private messages.(This rule is similar to the chatbox rule)

7. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If found with a double account, one of your accounts will be deleted.

8. Do not try to find loop holes in the rules.

9. There is no excuse for breaking the Rules. Regardless of whether you had a rough day at school, or got into a fight, or are just not feeling too great, you should still abide by the Rules. If you feel you cannot be online without breaking the Rules, then do yourself a favor, as well as everyone else, and take a break.

Roleplay Related

1. You must first of all make your charater, and wait until it is accepted by an Admin. The you may begin to roleplay.

2. You allowed to have up to 7 characters. You may of course have less than that, but minimum is one. (You need one to roleplay!)

3. Keep it PG-13. Anything else must be taken to Pm.

Regarding Special Characters:

1. This forum's special characters are only achievable if you have achieved five hundred posts. Your special character will not be accepted until then.

2. What type of special character you ask? Well they are called, Hybrid Characters. Hybrid Characters are half human, half monster. We shall release a form, saying what kind of half monsters you can create. So, have fun with this!

If these rules are broken, the appropriate actions will be administered. Please inform us if someone decides to break a rule. Also, if you have any questions about the rules, feel free to shoot a message to any one of the admin.
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The Rules of the Forum MUST READ
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