Australia, Antractica, Africa, Central America, South America, and North America are all controlled by the monsters. It's time for you to take a stand! FIGHT! FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD!
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 The History of Monster Hunting! {MUST READ}

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The History of Monster Hunting! {MUST READ} Empty
PostSubject: The History of Monster Hunting! {MUST READ}   The History of Monster Hunting! {MUST READ} I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2011 4:48 pm

Well hello fellow hunters! We have a special treat for you guys. The story behind it all!

So… a long time ago, there was peace, and happiness throughout the world. Everyone knew their place in the world. Then, humanity made a mistake… The humans started to plague our world with garbage of all sorts. Smoke, toxic fumes, and dangerous substances filled the air and oceans. The world was slowly dieing. That’s when mother earth had enough. She decided humanity should see what it was like to go through what she was going through, and let out a burst of energy from the earths core. America, once a symbol of peace and hope, was destroyed. Every single human in The United States… was killed. Or… at least at first… that’s what humanity thought.
Mother Earth’s lesson was not done. The burst of energy, was quite demonic, turning every single American into what we call, monsters. At first, they were mindless mutants, but then… That all changed. Three fourths of the monster population grew brains, a conscience, and reasoning. A council was formed to govern the monster population that was once America. A representative from each species of monster took a seat at the council of elders. Some monsters though, were not given a seat and instead they were used as slaves. Although, after a while, a monster, unlike any other, took a hold of the leader of the council. This man’s name is Morsiph. Morsiph has never revealed his power to anyone but the council. The council of elders fear him, which causes the monster populous to fear him as well.
Many different monster species started to pop up. One of the firsts… Vampires. Vampires were definitely one of the strongest species, and they were definitely the most cunning. The next outstanding species were the Lycanthropes, most people call them Lycans. In the modern world, they are better known as Werewolves. The Lycans were brutal, perfect for militia, although, they had tempers. BIG tempers, that was their biggest flaw. There were more, such as trolls, goblins, orcs, succubi, and demons.
After a while, the monsters became hostile, they wanted the world for themselves. So… they tried to take it. They made their way through South and Central America at first, taking them as their own. They made their way to Antarctica, and at the time there were several colonies living there. After the monsters got to them… well, it wasn’t pretty. They took Antarctica as their own and Africa as well. Sea monsters traveled across the ocean, and took Australia as their own. Even Southern Asia and Europe was taken over. Humanity, at this point in time, is an endangered species.
That’s when humanity decided to take action. They merged Asia and Europe together, and named this new continent, Utopia. Utopia created a council of their own, and the leader, stepped up, and decided we had enough! They created a whole new army to fighr back against the monsters. These soldiers in this army, are called, Monster Hunters. Eventually, every able bodied man, when they came of age, entered the academy to become a Monster Hunter. Eventually women had the choice of entering the army. Most did.
Eventually the monsters found out about this army of theirs had decided to fight back, a battle ensued, and the monsters took over Transylvania. The representative of the vampires took refuge here. The point of the attack on Transylvania was that the monsters… they could go anywhere, take anything, defeat anyone, and no one could and no one could stop them.
Then, after they were satisfied, they divided up their territory amongst the monsters, Africa was given to the Lycans, Trolls and goblins and orcs and etc. were given Austrlia. South America was given to the slaves, Central America was given to the lowest of monsters as it was the smallest amount of land, The United States were given to the vampires, and the rare species of monsters were given Canada.

I hope you guys enjoyed the story! I sure did! So, have fun!
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The History of Monster Hunting! {MUST READ}
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