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 Lord Blazy's Cracked Mind

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PostSubject: Lord Blazy's Cracked Mind   Lord Blazy's Cracked Mind I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2011 8:28 pm

Name: Marcus Grey
Age and Birthday:24, December 17th
Monster Hunter Rank: Hunter
Sexuality: Straight
Family: Orphan
Home Country:Unknown
Personality: A mysterious man who has his ups and downs, mostly ups. He is serious and determined but he warms up to you and will act nicer at times. Marcus has an attitude and acts like he's the shit half the time. He takes into account every little bit of detail. He has concern for his team and tries his best to protect some. He respects his leaders and even the trainees and wishes to be respected himself. He speaks the language of sarcasm and doesn't back down from challenges. Marcus hates when people ask him what happened to his parents.
Description: (At least 6 sentences) He is at least around 5 9 - 6 feet exactly. He has black hair. Marcus has blue eyes that shoot like daggers around the environment. He looks like he knows what he is doing, but half of the time he wings it. He has experience in monster hunting, so he has scars on his arms. One scar he has is in the middle of his forehead and is shaped like an X. He has a light tan and a scowl on his face.
History: (At least 6 sentences.)Marcus grew up as an innocent child in an orphanage. He never was adopted and he rarely got interviews. By age 15 he had had enough of the orphanage and ran away. The Monsters started invading soon and he robbed a gun store and took up an AK47 to fend for himself. In between defending himself, he had gone to college and gotten degrees in math, science, sports, and history. He, by age 20, found the monster hunters and they took him in and he trained up to a hunter.
Weapons: A ACR with extended mags and arctic camo strapped across his back in a sling. He keeps a desert eagle on his belt.
Strengths:All distance shooting with any gun. Very fast and strong. Tactician.
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders:Had an alcohol addiction in the orphanage and snapped out of it. His flaw is being conceited,he thinks he can do anything. He has no disorders.
Languages spoken:English and Sarcasm ^^
Education: College
Occupations: None
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Blazy's Cracked Mind   Lord Blazy's Cracked Mind I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2011 9:15 pm

Thanks for editing him!

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Lord Blazy's Cracked Mind
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